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House Renovation Project Management

Zenico project manages home extensions and house renovations for busy people.  We act as your voice to make sure you get the home you want, on time and budget, without losing your sanity in the process.  Projects we support include side extensions, kitchen extensions, loft conversions and whole house refurbishments.  We've also been recognised by Houzz, the home renovation and design website, as a winner for their 2023 Customer Service Award - the fourth year in a row.


Whether you're starting out and need help with the requirements, design and planning, you've received planning permission and need help to get the right builder on board, or you need some help to manage the build itself...we're here to help!

If you'd prefer to get in touch immediately, please contact us now >

Help with requirements, design and planning


Depending on where you are in the process, we can help source and engage architects, structural engineers, party wall surveyors, technical advisors as well as manage the process for each requirement to create the design and, if necessary, gain regulatory approval.

Here's how we can help:

  • Work with you to capture your requirements for the space(s) you want to renovate, ranging from potential structural or non-structural changes, electrics, heating, lighting, floor and wall finishes etc.

  • Help to find an designer, architect or structural engineer: we can do background checks, negotiate fees and kick off the design and technical stages of your renovation project 

  • Provide input regarding any likely planning requirements input including which route is right for you (is your plan within your permitted development rights or do you need to go through a full planning application) and any risks associated with your outline design

  • Oversight and management of the planning process: we can manage the whole process for you

  • Manage any technical or regulatory applications, for example if you are building near or over a sewer, you will need a build over agreement with your water company.

Design and Planning

Getting the right builder on board


Getting the right builder can be a tricky task.  You want someone who has experience of successfully completing jobs like yours, who will take pride in their work and complete it on time and to budget.  It's not easy - but we can help.

We can manage the complete process of on-boarding a builder for your job, including:

  • Creating a complete schedule of work - the full scope of what you're looking the builder to deliver

  • Initial short-listing to make sure builders who will be invited to quote are financially secure, suitably qualified and insured.

  • Inviting short-listed builders to quote – at least 3 companies will be invited unless otherwise agreed with you.

  • Independent assessment of quotations to ensure that a) they have understood the job properly and b) that you are getting value for money for both labour and materials.

  • Site inspection of previous work to view quality of build and if possible, get customer reviews.

  • Negotiation with contractors and our recommendation on which contractor is best suited and how much it is going to cost.

  • Putting a fair contract in place with the preferred builder, including a project plan and a payment schedule.

Builder on board
Managing your build

Managing your build

Managing a large home improvement project is a big job: trying to find time to both understand and manage the day to day issues, often on top of a busy day can be really tough - and as a result, create stress that you don't need. That's where a project manager can make all the difference.


Here's how we can help:

  • Once your builder is on board, we can go on to be your voice throughout the build.  We remain on hand to make sure any issues are identified and resolved as swiftly as possible, keeping the project on time, to budget and to your expectations. 

  • We’ll be available from 8:30am to 8:30pm every day and we will always make sure we’re on site for major milestones (such as pouring foundations, for example).  Typically we spend at least one day per week of the building project on site.

  • Decision management: we will agree a “rule book” with you – typically defining a cost / value where we can make decisions on your behalf, assuming there is no impact to the design.

  • We'll be available for catch up calls and we create weekly project progress updates where we report against milestones and budget, upcoming milestones and key decisions required – for example, to allow for lead times on products.

  • Design support for lighting and smart home management to make sure you're making the most of available technology.

  • Help to source big ticket items such as kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows, specialist glazing, flooring, feature lighting and appliances – to make sure they arrive on time and that we’re getting best value for you.

Have a look at our recent work for examples of the type of projects we manage and deliver.

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