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Full Interiors Service

We complement our project management service with a range of Interior Design and Interior Architecture services to help you achieve the look and feel you want for your home.  Our projects are typically split into three main stages: Design, Source and Deliver, but we can support you through your project anywhere from the concept stage onwards, depending on, for example, an existing architect’s brief.

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Concept Stage

Working from your brief (which can be as simple or as detailed as you wish) and agreeing a budget, we will establish some initial concepts that we believe will achieve what you’re looking for whilst working to any constraints of the physical space. We’ll factor in both what you need and what you want, and where possible, we’ll propose an option or two that might push you out of your comfort zone – as much to establish what you really connect with as anything else. The aim is to settle on a finished design concept that you’re happy with.

Creatives Stage

We’ll flesh out the layout, materials, colours, finishes, bespoke items, heating and lighting to finalise the overall scheme for the space. Where it would help we’ll also create some simple renders to show what a space would look like.

Design and Planning



Once a concept and design is finalised, we’ll develop a fully itemised list of everything that’s required with up-to-date pricing to give you a complete bill of materials for the scheme. Where there are bespoke items, we’ll also develop some drawings from which suppliers can quote.

Builder on board
Managing your build


We manage the practicalities of getting the scheme delivered – from liaising with contractors, suppliers and specialists, through
to arranging the delivery of client-supply items to site at the correct time. We’ll also work to resolve any unforeseen issues
and ensure installations are coordinated correctly. Finally we’ll draw up a comprehensive list of any required
snagging and ensure that this is completed prior to the project being signed off.​

We will ensure any final staging elements, from soft furnishings through to programming underfloor heating controllers or lighting
settings are completed to your expectations. Where necessary, we will also do a walk-round with you to show you specific
elements, including any required instructions to operate new appliances etc. If you’d like we will also arrange for a set of portfolio photographs to be taken for you to keep.

Have a look at our recent work for examples of the type of projects we manage and deliver.

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