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Our Process

  • Initial conversation
    We usually start with an initial phone call where we learn about your project and provide you with details of how we work and the kind of support we provide to our customers. Please use our contact form or call us on 020 36334778 if you'd like to get in touch.
  • Face-to-face meeting
    Our usual next step following a phone call is to have a face-to-face meeting - with no cost or obligation - to allow us both to get to know each other and for us to look at the space you want to renovate or extend. It also gives you the opportunity to ask us about previous projects and get our thoughts on what you're looking to do.
  • Scope of work
    Our proposal clearly sets out the support we would provide, which can range from engaging an architect, to managing a planning application, to managing the build itself, through to putting decorative cushions on the sofa! Our fees are always independent of the project cost so that we are fully transparent, and are incentivised to help you manage the budget as tightly as possible.
  • Kick-off
    Once we're engaged to support you, our project kick-off meeting gets the whole project off the ground. Depending on where you are in the process, we'll pick things up from there. For example, if you're doing a loft conversion, side return or kitchen extension, we will discuss whether you have a really clear idea of what you want, or whether we should consider sourcing an architect to design the new space you're looking for. We also deal with the practicalities: Access - keys, security alarm codes etc. Budget - overall project budget, delegated budget authority etc. Communications - we set up a dedicated WhatsApp group as well as a secure document sharing portal for drawings, images, Pinterest links etc.
  • Pre-build
    We support you through all the aspects of the project that are required to get a builder on board, including: Source and engage and architect to develop concepts and outline plans Work with a structural engineer on both the technical design but also the aesthetics of any structural elements Where required, support or manage a full planning application process Source and engage a party wall surveyor to manage any Party Wall notices and awards Work with the architect on the technical design and schedule of works, but also develop detailed designs on kitchens, bathrooms, AV, communications, smart home etc. Manage a complete tender process, including inviting your builder recommendations, identifying additional bidders where required, preparing and issuing the tender itself and managing any Q&A during the tender period Get the scheme independently estimated via a third party estimation service to give a reasonably accurate view on likely budget Complete the tender analysis and, with you, agree the best contractor to award the project to Finalise the contractor's best and final price and put a fair and balanced contract in place for all parties Agree build start date and any practicalities (moving out, temporary storage etc).
  • Build
    Our support can cover any or all of the following: We typically spend an average of 1 day per project week to manage the builder, deal with issues, queries and ideas, and be your voice with the builder (we're the ones who field all the calls - and more importantly, the builder gets to speak to someone rather than get a voicemail whilst you're at work) Final design decisions on kitchens and bathrooms etc in conjunction with the suppliers that we agree to work with Ongoing regular building contractor review to monitor and evaluate progress and ensure project is on track Timely raising of potential issues, ideas and required decisions from you Regular reports highlighting progress, plan, risks, issues and required decisions Competitive sourcing of client-provided items (usually called either Prime Cost Sums or Provisional Sums), including kitchen units, worktops, windows/doors, tiles, sanitary ware, feature lighting, flooring and appliances. Snagging and sign-off of practical completion
  • Post-Build
    Once the build is complete (usually called 'practical completion' - the point when you can use the new space as normal), we then follow-up any outstanding snagging. We also retain a percentage of the contractor's fees for anywhere between 3 and 12 months (depending on the size of the build) which allows any remedial snagging (plaster cracks, adjustments etc) to be fixed before releasing the final payment.

We want to support you in the most effective way possible.  Our customers are often at different stages in their building project journey, ranging from having an initial concept through to having received some quotes but struggling to take the project forward.  Here's our process for project managing a home extension or renovation project from start to finish:

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